Custom websites with Craft CMS

Websites with the latest functionalities and design standards.

Advantages of Craft CMS

Custom design & lay-out

Craft CMS does not use templates, but is developed for custom design.

Custom functionalities

Thanks to the flexibility of Craft CMS, it is easy to build in custom functionalities.

Custom CMS

The back-end to manage the website is a custom setup for your project.

Drag & drop interface

Pages can be composed using a drag & drop interface that is fully customized in advance.

Live preview

View your changes on the website before you publish them.

Editing without formatting

All formatting is processed by Craft CMS, you only have to fill in the content.

Integration with other platforms

It is possible to integrate other platforms and systems to your website.

Standard multilingual

Craft CMS has multilingual settings build in which makes it easy to implement.

Affordable license

You pay an affordable license once, then you pay a small amount per year for updates.

Webshop integration

Craft has its own e-commerce integration with all the same advantages as Craft CMS.

More information

Interested in a website build with Craft CMS?

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