Improve the positioning of your website with our free professional website analysis

We use professional software in combination with our knowledge / experience to map the points for improvement of your website. Our audit not only contains an SEO analysis, but we also analyze the (underlying) structure of the website.

You will receive a report via mail in which you can see where the website scores well, but also where the pain points are and how they can be improved.

The audit is completely free of charge, and you are also entitled to a non-binding appointment to further explain the report.

Pablo chart presentation

Personalized audit report


How well the website scores in Google and other search engines. It is important to have a good positioning for (potential) customers.


Since the attention span of an online user is very short, the speed of all pages and functionalities are important.


The security of the website is not only important to protect all data, well-secured websites also rank higher in search engines.


We analyse the structure of the website, both what you see and the underlying technical structure.

User experience

We check if the website is optimized for the most common devices and whether there are adjustments that could increase the user-friendliness.


Sitemaps provide a vital link between a website and search engine that results in a better visibility in search engines.