Custom webshops with Craft Commerce

High performance webshops with custom functionalities and integrations.

Advantages of Craft Commerce

Product types

Create product types for all types of products that you sell. Every product type gets its own fields and settings.

Product variants

Some products have variants such as size or color. You can set the variant fields, inventory and price for each variant.

Weight & dimensions

The dimensions and weight can be entered for each product. These can be included in the shipping cost calculation.


Set a stock level for each product or determine minimum and maximum quantities per order. The stock gets updated automatically with every order.

POS integration

Integrate your POS system to sync the stock of your physical store sales with the webshop stock.

Pricing & discounts

Set custom prices for specific customers or add sales and discounts to products.

Shipping methods

Define multiple shipping methods that have shipping rules based on the order properties or are location based.

Order statuses

Manage order statuses for all orders and notify the customer by email.

Shopping carts

View all incomplete shopping carts in the dashboard and help customers complete their order.

Cross selling

Increase the order value by selling related or complementary products at the checkout.

VAT settings

Set the VAT rate per product category and based on location. Choose whether the VAT is calculated per product or over the total order amount.

Deferred payment

Let customers complete their orders but pay at a later time.

Interested in a webshop build with Craft Commerce?

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