A new webshop where you can order tropical houseplants and home accessories.

At Plantwerp you can find tropical houseplants, but also matching pots and home accessories from both local designers and well-known Belgian brands.

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Only a limited number of products were sold on their previous webshop, because there was no possibility to set multiple shipping methods. With Craft Commerce there are no such limitations.

Shipping methods

We provided 3 shipping methods that can be set for each product individually: parcel post, letter post or delivery by Plantwerp. Depending on the products in the cart, the matching shipping method will be added to the order. In addition to these shipping methods, the customer can also choose to pick up the order in the store.

Rules & conditions

If some products in the order cannot be shipped, the customer can only choose a zip code from a dropdown field and the products will be delivered at home by Plantwerp. Otherwise the zip code can be freely entered but the country will be limited to BE and NL. When the total order amount is not sufficient for home delivery and cannot be shipped, the order must be picked up at the store.

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Lightspeed POS integration

Plantwerp uses the Lightspeed Retail POS system to manage their products and sales. We imported all existing products from Lightspeed to the webshop — therefore no products had to be added manually which saved a lot of time.

There are also a few functionalities that run in the background:

  • To keep the stock levels of the webshop in sync with sales that are made in the physical store, all stock levels are synchronised automatically each 15 minutes.
  • All new products will be imported automatically each 24 hours, but this import can also be triggered in the control panel.
  • When a new order is placed in the webshop, there will be a new sale record created in Lightspeed
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Mollie payment integration

All payments are handled by Mollie. Craft Commerce has a built in extension to connect the payment gateway with Mollie. The client can view all their transactions in the Mollie dashboard or app and can manage and update their payment methods easily.

In case an order gets returned and needs a refund, the customer will receive the refund automatically when the refund amount is entered in the payment section on the order page.

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