4 Telecom Center

A new B2B webshop where companies can order smartphone parts and accessories.

The previous webshop of 4TC was built with Wordpress in combination with WooCommerce. The only way to import multiple products at once was through a plugin — this process could take up to a few hours for only a hundred products. Another problem was that each product had to be added separately in each language. Moving the webshop to Craft Commerce solved all these problems.

Product bulk import

We have provided 4TC with a spreadsheet template that can be used to import products to the webshop. Since new smartphone models are released regularly, they can easily import multiple new products at once.

Algolia API integration

Algolia makes it easy to set the relevance of search results, such as searchable attributes, ranking criteria, and even synonyms. Products can be filtered based on their title or related categories and contain multiple ranking criteria. When a customer searches for 'iPhone SE', all results for 'iPhone 5SE' are also displayed.

Screenshot 2020 07 28 at 14 57 34

Tilroy POS integration

4TC uses Tilroy as POS-system to manage their stock levels. Tilroy publishes a product feed every hour with all products whose stock has changed. We process this feed and update the stock levels of these products in the webshop.

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Order PDFs

Invoices & delivery notes

For each order, an invoice and delivery note is automatically generated in a custom layout. These can be downloaded as a PDF and are also automatically sent to the customer by email with every status change of the order.

Credit notes

Credit note generation is not built into Craft Commerce by default. That is why we have developed a custom plugin that can generate credit notes. When an order gets the status 'returned processed', the order is displayed in the control panel of the plugin. When all returned products are entered, the credit note is automatically generated.

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