1st DVision

A new website and e-commerce platform where clients can order their publicity material.

1st DVision is a full-support event agency specializing in event, support and brand activation. They manage and store their customers' POS and publicity material.

We designed and created a new public website where they can showcase their cases and developed an e-commerce platform for their clients.

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Automated order process

Since their existing order process required a lot of manual interaction, we were challenged to digitize and automate this process. In addition to a new public website, we developed an e-commerce platform in Craft Commerce where clients can order their publicity material through a personal login. Clients can also check the stock status of their material for a specific date.

1st DVision shop

Google Sheets integration

Since 1st DVision stores a reasonable amount of material in their warehouse, it is important that all the products are easily manageable. Since Craft Commerce is mainly built for e-commerce purposes, products are only editable one by one. To solve this problem, we created a custom plugin that gets all the product information from a shared Google Sheets document and imports or updates these products automatically.

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bpost Shipping Manager integration

Clients get the choice to pick up the materials in the warehouse or get it delivered at a given location. 1st DVision works together with bpost to ship the materials. All orders are automatically forwarded to the Shipping Manager platform from bpost to generate the shipping labels and schedule a collection date.

Stock management

Most of the publicity material is reusable and gets returned to the warehouse of 1st DVision after the event has ended. It is possible that some materials got broken or lost during the event. That means the stock has to be recounted after each event and needs to get updated.

We have simplified this process by providing a custom plugin where 1st DVision can enter the received amount of items for each completed order. If the received amount of items deviates from the delivered amount of items, the stock will be updated automatically.

1stdvision stock

Interested in a webshop build with Craft Commerce?

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